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Welcome! This is the PipesWiki, with stuff that mostly only I care about.

This is a rambling, jumbly, mish-mash collection of ancient web items that used to exist on my Geocities pages (mostly from my undergraduate and Master's degree schoolwork), some old Articles and reviews I have written, and two pages of current material, including the Arcade section on video games and the Quilts section where I'll record crafts completed, in progress and vague plans for future. Enjoy meandering through the detritus of my brain!
  • Note: If you're looking for my blog, you're close... it can be found at


Games and gaming systems I have known and loved/hated; board game & video game own/wish lists; reviews.


Reviews of movies, events and meals; stories; investigative journalism, etc.

PEZ Collection

My modest collection of PEZ dispensers includes Star Wars, Disney, Peanuts and Simpsons characters.

RCA Classical Navigator

In the late 1990s, I bought as many of these map-covered classical CDs as I could find. My list of wants/haves.


Stuff I have sewn; things I am sewing; dreams of stitches to come.

The Grey Gallery

Women and contemporary art, site circa 2000, ported from Geocities.

Women and Madness

Women and Madness in 18th century Poetry, site circa 2000, ported from Geocities.


A comprehensive list of my Undergraduate and Graduate schoolwork.