The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated SCARY BUNNY POLL

The Scary Bunny Poll is HERE! Amusing, informative, absurdly jam-packed with images, and SCARY Fill it in, fill it in! Pleeeease? The Scary Bunny Poll is just a click away… Scary Bunnies in the Media Participants: 60 1) Scariest bunny used in an advertising campaign? Trix Cereal Rabbit (60s) – 17 (28.3%) Energizer Battery Bunny […]

Santa Claus Parade of Perversion

So I went to the Santa Claus Parade on Sunday. And I have to say, for a ‘wholesome’ event, attended by thousands of innocent babes and their rosy-cheeked parents, it was rather… disturbing. Maybe my eyes have been clouded by looking through the tough, gritty lens of city life for too long, but here is […]