The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated SCARY BUNNY POLL

The Scary Bunny Poll is HERE! Amusing, informative, absurdly jam-packed with images, and SCARY Fill it in, fill it in! Pleeeease? The Scary Bunny Poll is just a click away… Scary Bunnies in the Media Participants: 60 1) Scariest bunny used in an advertising campaign? Trix Cereal Rabbit (60s) – 17 (28.3%) Energizer Battery Bunny […]

Interview Insanity

Huzzah! I just got a job interview at the Silver Snail, tomorrow at seven. If I get this, I’d probably work one night a week and at least one weekend day. I’d be able to grossly overindulge myself in graphic novels with my new-found discount. I’d be in comic book heaven. I’m so excited I […]