Saga, Vol.1 by Brian Vaughan & Fiona Staples

[rating=4] Where to begin a review of ‘Saga’? The art. THE ART! Oh my heavens, the beautiful, lush, sketchy ink lines. That sensuous, alien colour palette. Those bizarre, freaky, nightmarish creatures. The fonts! Our heroine Alana, looking a bit like a cocoa-skinned, green-haired Posh Spice, is easy on the eyes, as is her horny (in […]

New Tokyo: Akihabara, Electric City

Next, I visited Akihabara, the “Electric City”. Wow. Akihabara is really the place you want to go if you’d like to build your own Cylon Centurion from scratch. I’m not joking – I really think you could make one, if you were determined enough, had enough Yen and could speak enough Japanese. There were gaming […]