Saga, Vol.1 by Brian Vaughan & Fiona Staples

[rating=4] Where to begin a review of ‘Saga’? The art. THE ART! Oh my heavens, the beautiful, lush, sketchy ink lines. That sensuous, alien colour palette. Those bizarre, freaky, nightmarish creatures. The fonts! Our heroine Alana, looking a bit like a cocoa-skinned, green-haired Posh Spice, is easy on the eyes, as is her horny (in […]

Concert, Tarot, Plum, Sex

At the outdoor opera concert last night, my posse were the only people under thirty in a sea of sixty-and-overs. It was nippy down by the lake and nobody was really in the mood to be sociable. We just wanted to hear the music and then go home. We killed time by drawing cards from […]