Nintendo Quilt Pics and Copyright Questions

So, as promised, here are some (small-scaled) photos of my 72″ x 80″ Super Mario Bros. quilt, featuring Mario, a Goomba, a Parakoopa, a Spiny and a Question Box. The finished product has a 7″ black border, with what is called ‘trapunto’ effect — the blue sky background is stipple-stitched flat and the characters made […]

Video Game Review: Jurassic Park III, The DNA Factor

Let’s get this out of the way. Arguments for: There are none. Arguments against: They are legion. Examine the hard stats with me, if you will: 21 games for various platforms were spun-off from the dinosaur-sized franchise that is Jurassic Park. None of them are any good. The best of the worst is the Sega […]