7 thoughts on “Thinking of Dad

  1. Thanks, I love it too! Especially how the fridge seems to only have milk, eggs and booze in it – that’s all you need, I guess. 🙂
    I think I’ll post a few more photos of Dad in my journal this week. I have lots of great shots, and it’s a nice way to have him around.
    Hugs back, M

  2. p.s., My family had the exact same green placemats sitting on top of the fridge in the early 1980s.

  3. I love that both your Dad and Nana are wearing exactly the same Mischievous Fogarty Grin(TM) that I’ve seen on you so many times. It’s clear from whence you get your marvellous sense of fun.

    It’s also clear from whence cometh your untold generosity. I will remember, for the rest of my life, the time your Dad surprised me with a full-on gourmet salmon after being informed that I couldn’t partake of the pizza that the rest of the kids at your birthday party were having. Unbelievable.

    Much love!

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