In Absentia

Sorry I haven’t been writing much – busy learning the new job AND I’m on two quilt deadlines.

The first is for a charity quilt that I need to have completed for January 31st to submit for the 2006 breast cancer charity auction. I’m finished piecing, and about 25% done hand quilting it, so every spare moment needs to be spent bent over the frame with a needle for the next 8 days.

The second is for my guild’s annual display show in March, which I have foolishly submitted my Nintendo 2200 “pixel” Super Mario queen-size bohemoth. What makes me think I can finish this project by March? I have no idea. But I’m insane enough to try. Expect to be spammed with photos of both of these projects AND photos of the quilt I gave my mom for Christmas, as soon as I get the time to stop sewing and start scanning.

In television news: JVL, K-Jo and her friend A. and I all watched the much-hailed Battlestar Galactica over the weekend. I bought season one a few weeks ago, and we’d had this plan to wait until we were done with CSI season 5 before starting it, on the very reasonable assumption that from what we had all heard, BSG would be too compelling to easily put aside.

Well, JVL was all “oh, let’s just watch the pilot episode during dinner, to see what it’s like”. That was at eight o’clock. By eleven pm, it sort of dawned on us that the “pilot” episode was THREE HOURS LONG.

By then, we had to know what happened next, so another three episodes were watched, with much complaining about how there was no Visene in the house and our eyeballs were drying out from the not blinking. Compelling, indeed.

We have another marathon planned for Wednesday, and I have little doubt that tomorrow night from about 6pm until midnight will involve me, cowering under a large blanket, periodically interjecting above the sharp, well-written dialogue “IS IT BECAUSE YOU’RE A CYLON?!?”

In other news, the new job is still going quite well, I’m just waiting for the hammer to hit in February when I’m expected to produce 80 citations and three speeches for an awards ceremony within three weeks. Argh.

Looking forward to March, when AND are coming to town (hurrah! hurrah!) and I’ll be past all deadlines.

3 thoughts on “In Absentia

  1. I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize you were coming IN MARCH!!!

    That’s very exciting! Double hoorahs for you. Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!

    I will buy you a pretty something or other from MAC to apologise for my gauche error.

    xoxo Pipes

  2. Ha Ha! I’ll be past all deadlines too. Finished with comps by that point, fuck yeah. In this race, pipes, there can only be winners and losers. I think you need to start your PhD, cos right now? That He-Man playset looks to be mine, all mine.


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