Back from the Grave

No, I don’t really have any comment on the Bahamas. It was rainy, and rocky, and really bereft of public transit. I’m very appreciative of my cousin and his wife giving a jolly good attempt to be good hosts, despite their awful tropical flu sickness or whatever it was, and I did enjoy visiting them. But I think next time we should all agree to meet up in BC. There are photos up on ‘s MSN MySpace, but they’re rigged, in that we took them all on the last two days we were there, and I don’t think there are any photos of the actual house we were staying in, ergo not wildly representative.

We also got home and then JVL decided he wanted to know more about the tiny water trail in the basement. Tiny water trail turned into a $4500 excavation effort, and a 7 foot deep trench in the front yard that may have taken the life of my newly planted baby Japanese Maple, so I don’t want to talk about that either.

Hmm… do I want to talk about how I left my wallet at home today? No.

Do I want to talk about how bummed out I feel after watching the finale to the first season of Veronica Mars last night, and how I can’t get any more until season two comes out in a boxed set, but I don’t want to watch the damn thing anyway because I was so desperate to know what went on that I read spoilers and now I’m totally bummed out that the delicious Jason Dohring gets no play now that VM’s ex is no longer her bro? *whine* Go for Logan! Duncan is utterly vapid and blander than a bowl of unsalted oatmeal. He looks like he got lost and wandered out of a Sweet Valley High Book or an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. Logan is sassy and edgy and gives good smooch. And if he can commit to wearing that necklace every damn day, he can probably commit to you.

I guess I did want to talk about that, actually.

And I don’t want to talk about the garden, but I will post some photos when my peas and lettuce start to sprout. I planted them on Friday, April 21, so it should be another 5 days or so yet, depending on weather, until they show.

I’ll try to talk a little more on here – my batting average for posts over the past few weeks has been pretty pathetic, but I needed a computer vacation.

Quilt guild tonight. The block of the month is fugly (little pieced hearts blech), but I’ll try to remember to photograph it anyhow, for posterity.

Thanks to for good emotional support on the night I was left on my own in the house this weekend. I slept well. Good luck to in her new venture at Rotman; meeting new folks is hard sometimes, but I know you’ll find your niche. Congratulations to , on her upcoming vacation in Spain and her return prize of many boxes of Rum Vanilla Island Rose tea.

Phew. That’s all I have for the moment. Tired now. First day back at work post-holiday is always a killer.

5 thoughts on “Back from the Grave

  1. Here’s something to cheer you:

    A beautiful baby girl was born to a mutual friend of ours early this morning.

  2. Missed you! Glad you’re back! Maybe one day when the House has risen and I have more than 5 seconds to spare a day, we can have lunch together. I haven’t seen you for AGESSSS….

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