A Quickie

Eek! I noticed I haven’t posted since AUGUST, so there is quite a lot outstanding from the past few weeks. I’ll sum up, bullet-style,

– film fest was good, five films, one terrible (Bugmaster – Japanese, self indugent, no plot), one awesome (Penelope – you MUST see it).
– went to my first stitch n’ bitch at Lettuce Knit. Fun. Met someone from high school. Also saw .
– got grades back from Ryerson. A-. Not bad, considering exam shenanigans.
– started a Librivox.org account, and bought a headset microphone. Have recorded chapter 36 of Bronte’s Villette, if anyone wants to hear me reading to them. Am working on a solo project recording of Peter Pan and Wendy, one of my favorite children’s books. Contemplating Moby Dick
– finished reading ‘Company of Cheerful Ladies’. Loved it. Want to read ‘Blue Shoes and Happiness’ ASAP. Am still only 130 pages into Bill Bryson’s ‘Sunburned Country’, am 60 pages into ‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ and am reading all sorts of knitting books.
– butternut squash harvest was prodigious. Over 20 squash so far and counting. Tomatoes have gone wild and taken over back yard. Eek.
– completed Doctor Who scarf, waaaay ahead of schedule!!!! looks good, but is too short. No way it will reach 12 feet. Is 10 feet, maybe.
– completed Aaron’s gloves, and delivered. Now working on pair in same pattern, but pink, for new friend Julia, whose birthday it is.
– catsitting for and LOVING IT. Cleio is absurdly affectionate. We napped together today for an hour and she licked my face a lot. I think I want to marry her.
– work sucks. Not sure how to make it better. Working on that.
– am sick. Sneezing. Stuffy nose. Runny sometimes. Throat hurts. Sucks.
– JVL still loving the crap out of his camera. Bought himself flash. Learning Photoshop. Posting daily to his photoblog. Sometimes photos are of me, and cute. Like so:

That is all for now. More later. Stay cool, everyone. Smooches.

12 thoughts on “A Quickie

  1. you’ve inspired me wrt librovox. i remember hearing about it a while back, then forgot. but now i’ve gone on the site, and requested to read! such a great enterprise.

    i’m just worried i won’t sound nearly as professional as you do.

  2. I’m reading Time Traveler’s Wife for the second time since July right now. I love love love that story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and am)

    Very cute picture. You look about 6 years old.

  3. My guess is train station rather than stock exchange. Doesn’t everyone make love to the walls at train stations?

  4. You’re probably sick because of me – sorry! I really thought I wouldn’t be contagious (or at least, not that contagious). Amy will appreciate that you took the bullet for her. :}

  5. I’ll make luv to the concrete anywhere. But I’m actually at the Pearson International Airport, waiting to pick up roommate from her sojourn in the Yukon (although she was flying in by way of Victoria).

  6. Yay! Reading by Kurt. I’d listen to that.

    Don’t worry about how you sound. Worry about the pain in the ass that is editing out your mistakes later. Listen to the advice on the Librivox wiki page about tapping the mike when you screw up. Also, you might want to jot down your time stamp, to make erasing easier. And beware – I think you’re Mac-ed up, so you can use GarageBand software, but if I’m wrong and you are using a PC, do not use the Audacity filter functions. The recording will sound tinny as hell afterward. Invest $13 in an Altec Lansing headset microphone with the little foam mike cover. Then you won’t need the filter function for plosives or low recording areas.

    Despite all the technical issues, recording is really fun!

  7. Yes, I’m totally enjoying it. I should have mentioned that I read the 60 pages I’ve burned through so far in one sitting, right after waking up in the morning. I actually missed my first train to work because I didn’t want to put the book down.

    6 years old! Awesome! With 29 looking down the barrel at me, that’s just the sort of thing a girl wants to hear.

  8. Amy better appreciate it! No, it’s cool, I kind of needed some “down time” away from work and to take care of myself anyhow. Another day or two at home and I’ll finally finish that Bryson book and the gloves I need to have done by Friday.


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