Times, They Are A-Changin’

Local LiveJournallers, don’t forget — we get an “extra” hour of weekend this weekend! Daylight Saving Time is ending, so we should turn the clock back one hour on Saturday night before going to bed. For Ontarians, this weekend will be the last time that Ontario clocks will “fall back” on the last Sunday in October. Beginning next spring, DST will start on the second Sunday in March, and end on the first Sunday in November, bringing us into synch with the United States. The Attorney General is putting out a news release about this, because they administer a law called the “Time Act”; it all makes me feel so Gallifreyan.

I spoke with my cousin, briefly last night. She’s bought her plane ticket, and will be visiting from the 18th until the 27th of December. I suppose this means I should plan some sort of birthday thing for myself, but it’s such a pain in the butt – it’s cold as hell, and everyone is broke, most people have left the city to go home to visit relatives, and everyone has better things to do six days before Christmas than go to ANOTHER party. Plus, I know about five other people with birthdays in the first week of December, so most of my friends are partied out and broke even without the onslaught of holiday gifting. And who cares about 29? Sigh.

I know I haven’t written about ‘America’s Next Top Model’ much this season, but rest assured, my household are still avid, ashamed viewers. Last night’s show was 100% worthwhile, though, as they had two great cameos – one of the burlesque/striptease artist (and wife of Marilyn Manson) Dita von Teese, and (joy!) a romance-novel cover photo shoot featuring FABIO!!! Just fabulous. I was laughing my ass off. I like that, even though he’s now 47 (waaaaay past the expiry date for most male models) and life didn’t work out quite as he’d planned –despite consuming probably a hundred kilos of protein powder, glucosamine and steroids a day, he’s never become the next Schwarzenegger– he has always kept a good sense of humor. Not only did he do those ridiculous “I can’t believe it’s not butter” ads, but he had a hilarious cameo in ‘Zoolander’ (as winner of the “slashy” award for best model/actor), AND he’s written three of his own romance novels. That’s a guy who can laugh at himself, right there. Mad props, Fabio. Also, I have to admit, Tyra’s photos were actually pretty good, and *very* Hallowe’en appropriate

Finally started on Veronica Mars season three. We are now three episodes in. Hurrah for Logan streaking!

On the LibriVox front, one canto of Faerie Queene Book 2 recorded, eleventy billion to go. Christ. Those are some haaaard poems to read aloud. Am also restraining myself (and we all know how well THAT usually works out) from the burning desire to begin two new solo projects, since I just discovered today that Lucy Maud Montgomery is public domain and nobody has finished “Anne of the Island” yet (!!!) and also there’s a partial English translation of Genji Monogatari that I am positively dying to read. Damn my obsessive personality!

Now, all this knitting and TV viewing and voice recording aside, I still harbour a warm spot in my heart for video games. I just don’t, you know, PLAY them. But never let that stop me from buying new ones, which sit all forlorn on the shelf, waiting to be noticed. Poor little digital wallflowers. I’ve been very enamored of the Japanese content for the PS2 lately, and even though it will likely be months at best before I crack into them. Last month, I purchased ‘Okami’, where you play as the white wolf incarnation of the Japanese sun god, and destroy your enemies with a sweep of your calligraphy brush. And yesterday, I picked up ‘Disgaea2’, based purely on the fact that the game features EXPLODING PENGUINS! How could I say no? The dudes at Penny Arcade totally understand. On a related note of gratuitous acquisition, I have ‘Guitar Hero’ on my Christmas list. I’m just saying.

3 thoughts on “Times, They Are A-Changin’

  1. No need to plan some kind of birthday activities just for my sake…I’m good with lounging or treating you to a night alone with me (woohoo! What a treat indeed!).

  2. I thought Fabio was a totally good sport – I mean, he *clearly* has so much more experience at the cheesy romance novel cover than those girls, and some of them were very awkward. But he seemed to be having fun.

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