It’s Done

Well, I didn’t get my damn truck, but after about an hour of waiting, I did get a very spacious Dodge Grand Caravan. This was from Enterprise rental cars, but to be fair, I’ve rented from them several times before, with no shitty stories to tell, this was just extremely inconvenient timing.

My fabulous moving men (, and were troopers, hauling millions of kilograms worth of books down the stairs at impressive speeds. Kari and her trusty purple vehicle were also extremely helpful, transporting the men who would not fit in the packed-to-the-gills caravan to the storage unit not once but twice, the second time during nasty rush hour traffic. The self-storage lady was very nice, although she had to advise me that I was not allowed to “decorate, paint, have plants, or hang pictures” in my 5″x10″ rental unit, so maybe I looked a little more homeless and desperate than I thought. We were finished by around 6pm.

Thank goodness that’s over. Now I’m resting at the welcoming abode of , and will probably pass out from exhaustion soon. Tomorrow I hope to conjure up enough energy to return the rental vehicle, see , say welcome back to , and go to the birthday celebrations of . Sunday is a day of complete rest.

I have to take a moment to say a big, mushy, Spice Girls singing “mama I love you”-style thank you to , who has been an unbelievable, inexhaustible source of support and assistance through all this. Three whole days of stressful packing in a house haunted with memories, chanting the “one piece at a time and it will all get done” mantra, and it all got done. Aside from allowing me to clutter up her apartment and share her bed without batting an eyelash, maintaining a positive attitude while removing me from the home of a man she’s called “son in law” for over a year now had to be painful for her, and I am extremely grateful for it. Thanks, mom.

3 thoughts on “It’s Done

  1. Happy to be of service, and glad to help see you through to the other side of a pretty rotten couple of weeks. My stomach thanks you for the striploin afterwards, my back thanks you for the round of drinks.

    I am so exhausted right now words could not convey it. By the time I got to Chrissy’s, I could only describe my day to her in code: “JoMoMoFo, JoGoChAi”.

    She was scared. And I don’t blame her.

  2. So sorry I couldn’t make it – I managed to get out of work by about 4:30, and that was leaving a bunch of things undone. It sounds like it was successful as possible.

    I’m staying with the parents in Burlington tonight – will give you a call from their place tomorrow.


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