February Draws to a Sad Close

Seems I’m destined to start these end-of-the-month posts with animal news. Monty’s birthday was a happier occasion than today’s sad tribute, which is in memory of Kari’s sweet Bunny-dog, now dearly departed from our world at the ripe old age of fifteen. May her heaven be full of bacon, bagels and cheese left unattended on low tables, and may its pearly sidewalks be covered with interesting smells. Rest in Peace, dear Bunny. I am sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye.

I’m too bummed out to post anything else of note for today, although as of tomorrow we’re officially in the month where I make my first trip to China, and I’ll be seeing again, which is wonderful. I’ve also reestablished contact with my chemist friend Darcy, who I haven’t seen in ages. Must remember to call and let her know.

Here’s my list of books read for February. Not as impressive as January, but then, I used a lot of my transit time to knit two pairs of gloves, 1/4 of a sweater and several cat toys.

(Finished the last 1/2 of ‘The Thirteenth Tale’)
1. Marjane Satrapi – Persepolis
2. Cecil Castellucci – Boyproof
3. Sara Gruen – Water for Elephants
4. Vincent Lam – Bloodletting and Other Miraculous Cures
5. Lionel Shriver – We Need To Talk About Kevin (will be done by tonight)
6. Salman Rushdie – Midnight’s Children (1/2 done)

Interview finally rescheduled for tomorrow at 10am. Plenty to look forward to this weekend: wine with Nona on Friday, then heading out to ‘s book launch event; Saturday meeting Brett for lunch, then over to and ‘s housewarming party; Sunday is book club. And will be here! Welcome back to Toronto, Cat!

6 thoughts on “February Draws to a Sad Close

  1. I do and you may! I’ll bring it on the weekend. It’s… okay.

    Water for Elephants was more your speed, I think, but I need it for book club on Sunday, so it can wait until you’re finished Bloodletting.

    On the plus side, both books are what I’d categorize as “quick reads” and “transit appropriate”.

    As opposed to freaking Midnight’s Children, which I need a zen-like focus and an unending pot of tea to get through.

  2. Hrm. Okay,eh? That’s disappointing, considering. But still wanting to read it. And Water for Elephants, after Book Club is over.

  3. I cannot confirm any such groundless gossip. He’s a happily married man.

    However, I will be sleeping in his bed for a good chunk of March.

    Take of that what you may!

    *stirring the scandal pot*
    *waiting to see this appear on the BSF*

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