Osaka for Knitters

I know this post will be for a limited audience, but if you happen to be reading this, and you’re a knitter, and you decide to visit Osaka and are then seized by the desire to buy yarn, this is the post for you! Otherwise, maybe skip this one. I’ll post something more globally relevant about Osaka soon.

So, you want yarn? And you’re in Osaka? Okay, here’s what you do. Make your way to Osaka’s Namba station, head downstairs and find one of the many station maps around that show all the underground stores.

Look on the map for number 95. Do you see it? Just above 96, “Regal Shoes”. In between the big 17 and 19, there it is. Okay, so that is Masuzakiya Knit Shop. That is where you want to go. Go, and on the way stop for a Beard Papa’s fresh n’ natural cream puff. Hell, have 2. They’re delicious.

When you see the shop, it may look like it sells ugly clothes. Pay no mind. Look for the balls of yarn hidden behind the appalling cardigans and hats. You’ll know it’s the right place when you see a terrifying wooden tabby cat, wearing a yellow and green striped jumper, sitting in a tiny comfy chair in the window. I shudder at the memory.

Now, set yourself a 20000 yen limit, and shop, shop, shop! Bring home some Noro. I did. What I bought at Masuzakiya knit shop: 10 balls of Kureyon (lots 95, 149, 170×2, 185, 188×2, 207, 214, 229), 4 balls of Silk Garden Lite (col 2107, lot B). All for just 11891 yen (about $147.32); as compared to same order online at which, with shipping and tax comes out to $174.40.

ps – If you’re in a Japanese bookstore and you want to find the crafting / knitting / quilting books, ask for “Ondori”. It means “Rooster” in Japanese, but it’s the name of a publisher that makes craft books.

5 thoughts on “Osaka for Knitters

  1. Greeting from Toronto lovely! I purchased The Dress today. Thought of you. Keen to have a girly afternoon when you’re back about such matters, and SANTE. SANTE IS COMING. We need a bottle of wine / pot of tea and a map.

  2. I can’t believe this! This is the store I sent my brother to in 2005! I had a small reeling of yarn that looked like catepillers this shop had it, along with others from Diamond Yarn Co. He didn’t/doesn’t know anything about yarns but being the superb brother that he is, he went there and brought back many colors for me. He said they didn’t speak English and he didn’t speak Japanese, but that there was much bowing going on and it all worked out.
    So yes, wonderful store and wonderful people.

  3. Thank the stars for your wonderful insight! I am from Detroit and I am in Osaka right now on business for four weeks. I was sitting in my hotel knitting a scarf and I ran out of the yarn I brought as free entertainment. Damn! What to do? I jumped online and found your suggestion at the Namba Station. I couldn’t beleive that someone had actually had the forethought to help others in this situation. You’re the best!

    Thanks again! I am headed out the door now!


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