The Justin Haikus, Volume 1

The Silver Snail rocks!
Co-workers rock, discounts rock:
but boyfriends rock too…
The forbidden fruit
Hangs too close. My Manager!
Pluck him from the vine?
Twenty-two; too young?
Age never stopped me before
But would it stop him?
You could own nothing
I would still like your glasses
And blonde stubbly chin.
Justin van Leeuwen
You are so cute. Can I be
Moira van Leeuwen?

11 thoughts on “The Justin Haikus, Volume 1

  1. 3 1/2 years is too big a gap?

    I dunno, I think most guys are comfortable in a 22-27 range and occasionally a “whole 20’s” kind of deal.

    Still, individual reactions may vary.

  2. Because you are addicted to haikuahol.

    So says I.

    Also? Congrats on your winnery (and your double runner-uppery) at!

  3. I see genius,
    Manifested in haiku,
    To work or to love?
    To pluck managers
    Risks the working paradise
    Comics all around
    Maybe life’s too short
    To worry about working
    You could be plucking

  4. Philip flatters me
    So I buy him guitar picks
    It is a good trade
    To work or to love –
    Damn Puritan work ethic
    Gets me every time
    Though I love to… pluck
    Caellum’s lecture gives me pause
    STDs? No thanks

  5. ——————-
    Chrissy, you are right:
    I’m drunk! The Betty Ford of
    Single-malt haiku

  6. ——————-
    Dearest She-Hawken,
    You’re preaching to the choir!
    Young? Old? I care not.

  7. —————–
    Lost Voice must not die!
    Haiku homicide ain’t right –
    Think of the tombstone.

  8. Most guitar picks are,
    Surely as good as love is
    Gratitude abounds
    You? Puritanical?
    I must have met another
    You seemed not so chaste
    Chrissy has stated
    “You just called my friend a tramp!”
    Did I speak in haste?
    Not a tramp, dear me
    I just meant you seemed not shy
    Justin’s a nice guy?
    Caellum sure is wise
    He says to pluck is just fine
    But wear PVC
    Condoms will suffice
    PVC is overkill
    Dismiss his advice
    Pluck on, Macduff, and
    Let the weakest be the first
    to cry hold enough
    Shakespeare never wrote
    Verse in haiku form like that
    It’s probably best
    I guess I suggest
    Pluck the tiny little boy
    I find love is rare

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