Quiet for a Spell

Look at me, taking three days off of LJ!
No posts, no comments, just sweet laundry.

Yup, everything I own – clothing, sheets, towels, comforter – has now been washed, dried, folded and put away. For those of you who have experienced the semi-sentient mound that was ‘My Gigantic Laundry Pile of Horror’, you’ll know that this concludes the story of my weekend.

Well, almost. I did manage to squeeze in another couple of episodes of The O.C. between rinse cycles (I’ve watched up to episode 9 now), and on Sunday night I went out for an impromptu jaunt to my friend Emily’s house, which was a big adventure to the sketchy ‘burbs. I was given a thorough tour of the sights, including – a whorehouse! a parking lot where a cop was shot! a meat factory!

After the tour and meeting her adorable puppy and playing around her ultra-cool room, we went over to her cousin Justin’s house to watch music videos and learn why it’s a bad idea to mix Goldschlager with Jagermeister with Amaretto with at least four other kinds of alcohol. It was a long lesson, and I didn’t get back home until almost 2am.

It’s a good thing I only have another ten minutes at work. I think I fell asleep in the middle of typing the word “whorehouse” a minute ago. Time for a nap.

(Note: later today, inspired by Emily’s friends’ tale of adventure, I’m going TOBOGGANING with HOT CHOCOLATE! Woo hoo!)

3 thoughts on “Quiet for a Spell

  1. Laundry pile, hands down.

    I lived in the ‘burbs long enough to become immune.

    Plus, *nobody* messes with a guest of the V-L clan.

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