So! Much! Backlog!

Lots to tell and no time to tell it. Going to post a little bit at a time, and hopefully catch up from LAST WEEK, at least.

Here’s cheerleading on Friday evening…

Friday night was the UofT vs.Ottawa women’s volleyball quarter-finals, where , , Rob, Dave and I went out to support Lindsay and abuse the opposing team verbally.

It was a slaughter – Ottawa got smacked down in just 3 short games (it’s best out of 5) – and we didn’t even have time to lose our voices from screaming, despite our best efforts. One of the girls on the Toronto team is a powerhouse, and has been dubbed “Russia” by the Lindsay Cheering Squad. Any time she touches the ball, there’s a chorus of “Give them the hammer… and also the sickle!” or the Russian national anthem, and, very occasionally, a “Where’s Stalin now?”

We’ll be returning to watch the women take on Laurier on Friday the 27th, and rumour has it that certain persons in our group have become so fired up about heading into the finals that they are MAKING THEIR OWN POMPOMS. Maybe I’ll wear a short skirt this week, and pretend I’m a cheerleader.

…through to taxes Friday night and motorcycle visitation Saturday morning.

After the game, tried to find time to share a pint at the Ferret with my friends, since I haven’t seen the High Park crew often enough lately, but as usual I had to run run run to catch the GOTrain home to Oakville so I could meet Mum and start sorting tax papers (finally!).

We stayed up too late going through tax forms and (endless, endless) comic book receipts, trying vainly to figure out a way to make my collection of graphic novels a business expense and therefore deductible.

The morning was sluggish, but we did make time to drive over to Judy’s greenhouse so I could look longingly at the chrome prettiness of my motorcycle and wish for warmer weather and clear roads.

More soon to come (I hope)!

3 thoughts on “So! Much! Backlog!

  1. chrome prettiness?

    What kind of chrome prettiness?
    I may have asked before. It happens. My brain leaks like a… thing… with holes… that leaks.

  2. She’s a mature lady – an ’83 Honda with about 40,000km on her, and a fresh coat of shiny stormcloud blue paint. But she got her mufflers replaced last year, and they are mightily chrometastic. Iffn I get a chance this summer, I’ll ride her down to NYC and maybe you can meet her there.

    It just struck me that I don’t have an icon of her yet. Wow. That needs to be remedied, and soon. I’ll get on that as soon as it’s even a little bit less snowy.

  3. take the ferry, it should be up by then. then you can ride by my house… unless you want to go around the lake.

    although, come to think of it, if you went around the lake you’d still end up riding by my house.

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