Spring Cleaning

I spent ten hours yesterday doing a massive overhaul cleaning of the house, and it still looks gross. I made the mistake of starting with the kitchen and living room and left my bedroom for last, so I ran out of time and energy. Also, there are men scraping and repainting my hallway, so all my nice cleaning product smell is being overpowered by paint fumes.

But I WILL NOT allow myself to stress about this any more. It is the weekend, dammit. If I do not choose to have fun, fun will be provided for me. Saw Club Dread last night with some of my crew and it was *excellent*. It had pinatas and machetes, and that’s almost everything I need in entertainment.

My friends really enjoyed the character of Juan, but I still love Farva. Jay C. decided to be the joker of the film this time, and I like that they switched it up. Flexibility is essential in a good pseudo-improv comedy troupe (see: Kids in the Hall, Monty Python). I won a door prize draw, so I got to take home a Club Dread beach ball, t-shirt, ceramic tiki glasses (went home with the High Park folks), sountrack cd (some bastard took off with it – but who???), yuk yuks passes (gave those to Attila), posters and other promotional paraphernalia.

Then I got to eat some delicious chocolate mousse cake and watch someone drive a tank over a lot of cars on ER at Glenda’s birthday party. My birthday gift to her is going to be the gift of Live Journal, but it’ll have to wait a few days, since she’s on vacation.

Tonight there’s volleyball and I’m trying to get revved up about it, but after yesterday’s cleaning binge I’m mostly craving hot tea, television, and a nap.

7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Odd, although not entirely unexpected, that you should mention KitH. I had a rather haunting dream about them the other night. When I describe it, it sounds goofy, but it was actually quite melancholy at the time…

  2. Kevin Heffernan played Lars the Masseuse in Club Dread, but will forever be the hilariously obnoxious, clueless highway patrolman Rodney Farva for me, because of the profound and lasting affect that Super Troopers has left on my brain. Kevin is Jay’s partner-in-crime and co-wrote Super Troopers.

    Jay Chandrasekhar did indeed play Putman the Psycho Tennis Instructor who loves his machet-ays. In S.T. his character was ‘Thorny’ Ramathorn.

    I think it has become a moral imperative that I hunt down a copy of Puddle Cruiser, Broken Lizard’s 1996 first attempt at moviemaking.

  3. It was Seth – the bastard. I’m sure he’ll give it back, though (although there is a depressing lack of Coconut Pete songs – no pina-colada burgh, even) – let me know if you want me to give him the beats. (And, honestly, he took it at my behest – I figured you had enough stuff to be carrying…so maybe I’ll give myself the beats as well.)


  4. . . . feels an unstoppable urge to point out that Chandrasekhar also directed Club Dread. And BTW, I am now Broken Lizard’s biggest fan.

  5. After the roaring success *meow* of Club Dread I feel that I may have given ST a raw deal *meow*. There may need to be a public viewing of ST again (add it to the bisectional gamut) ’cause it’s always more fun with a group 😉 *meow*

    ps – pina colada-burg will not remove itself from repeat play in my head…and you know what…I’m ok with that!

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