I am okay

Everything is fine – surgery was fast, morphine was AWESOME, don’t remember any pain. I give two thumbs up to Dr. Clokie and his staff, very good bedside manner and really good pre and post care.

Am swollen like a little chipmunk and cannot speak. Have lots of juice and drugs. Come get your percocet, people!

Justin has been an excellent nurse, and he’s making sure I’ve got what I need. Which is mostly just him, but also ice packs, juice, anti-inflammatories, etc.

Feel free to post comments, I’ll check back in a couple hours, after I nap.

Thanks, guys!

9 thoughts on “I am okay

  1. I’m glad it went well, hon – it’s easy to see why people get addicted to morphine, eh?

    I’ll see you tomorrow – have a good, drugged rest of the day. What are you reading right now? I’ll bet you either don’t remember it in later years, or you remember it as being one of the best books ever – it’s kind of the inverse of the `you’re going to hate whatever you eat now’ rule. 🙂

    Chin up (you’re probably dribbling on it), C

  2. i recommend bedside bowls. for drooling and bleeding into. at least… i needed one…

    and enjoy your drugs while they last!
    hope you’re up-and-at-’em soon.

  3. Happy to see that you’re not yet experiencing any feelings of loss with your teeth being gone. 🙂

    Heal well!

  4. It’s been my experience that those who abandon wisdom are often happier without it…

  5. Glad to hear you’re okay. I’ll pop by and see you tomorrow after I finish covering your shift.

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