It is done! Come on, Comicon!

I bit the bullet.

The plane ticket to San Diego has been bought.

Under $600, and I’ll get there before noon on the 21st. However! I have to spend more than TWELVE HOURS getting back from San Diego – Toronto. I leave at 6:35pm, and arrive at 6:45am, with my 4 hour stop-over in Vegas!!!

Now, on to finding a room and possibly, a car…

14 thoughts on “It is done! Come on, Comicon!

  1. Go ahead, be all “smart” and figure out that my Wagnerian plane ride is actually not as dramatic as it sounds. It’s just me moving backwards in time!!! Cool. 🙂

    Given my fragile grasp of the function of the analog clock, it’s really a miracle I could calculate the span of time between leaving and arriving at all. Even if I figured it out wrong.

    Thanks, Jeff! See you in San Diego?

  2. I actually stopped exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con last year because it was becoming wayyyyy too pop culture for my little comix company.

    I may still come out!

  3. I admit, you’re no Marvel or DC.

    But seriously, before you lose perspective on how “alternative” Alternative Comics really is, you should take a look at my comic bookshelf. Or the indy section of the Silver Snail Comic Shop (where I work). You’ve got some heavy representation when compared to the hundreds of teensy-weentsy single-author indy presses – Kochalka alone takes up a huge chunk of shelf space, and we carry Hickee, Gabrielle Bell, Magic Whistle, Sweaterweather…

    I think you should come out, just for the fun of it. Then I won’t be the only person with a stuffy professional office job living a secret double life working in the comics industry. 😉 Plus, tickets have to be waaaaayyyy cheaper from Florida – San Diego than mine is from Toronto!

  4. Let me know where you’re coming from, and I’ll do some research for you. My web-fu is strong!

  5. Jesse Reklaw is going to have a booth as Global Hobo, and Alternative may indeed be there along with Jesse…

    Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  6. 4 hours in Vegas could be enough to recoup your entire trip costs… if you’re feeling lucky.

  7. I’ll be sure to pack my lucky pennies, rabbits feet, and most businesslike suit. Becuase you know, they only give you the steak and scotch if you’re “the man BEHIND the man, behind the man”.

    Or the woman behind the women, or whatever. Bring on the slots and Blackjack, baby! Woot!

    It’s a good thing I booked Justin on the same flight as me – he’s my only hope for avoiding bankruptcy and jail while in Vegas.

  8. in terms of the car rental bit, i’m assuming that you’re going to want to get it from the airport, so just make sure that the companies you’re looking at have outlets there (i’m not sure if Fox does). also you’ll want to figure in gas prices, ride-sharing, etc to see if it’s more cost-effective to drive or to deal with the minor hassles of public transport…that, of course, also depends on where you’re staying, but as i haven’t been to san diego since i was maybe 5, i have little advice to offer. on the other hand, if you were going to, say, italy, i’d be your girl…but despite the cool comic shop i saw in Ferrara, i don’t know how comicon-worthy italy would be.

    also, i miss you. that is all.

  9. Sorry to read about your job search woes! People who wouldn’t want to hire you are idiots. 😛 I’m looking for a new job right now, too, but I haven’t posted about it because I don’t want to jinx anything. I’ll write more on Monday, when I’ve been called back.

    I think all these dudes have places at or near the airport, with shuttle bus service. Just in case you ever want to go back to San Diego and check it out! 🙂

    Fox Rent-a-Car:
    Rate Quote for Ford Focus – unlimited miles
    Qty Rate Subtotal – 1 week $ 123.50
    Port Authority $3.50
    State Tax $9.57
    Estimated Total $136.57 USD = $183.81 CAD

    Dodge Neon or similar /5 11.8 CU. FT. 28 MPG (Compact Car)
    1Week @ Weekly $139.95
    SAN DIEGO PORT DIST. ORD 2030 $3.50
    Subtotal $143.45
    SALES TAX $10.85
    Total Estimated Charges $154.30 USD = $207.66 CAD

    Dollar Rent-A-Car:
    Dodge Neon or similar /5 11.8 CU. FT. 28 MPG (Compact Car)
    Daily Rate $37.99 per day (x5 Days) with unlimited mileage
    Base Rate $189.95
    Taxes, Surcharges And Fees
    STATE TAX $14.99
    Total Estimated Charges $208.44 = $280.53 CAD

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