I’m not dead… am I?

I guess I could be dead, in that this might be heaven.

I feel guilty for abandoning my diaries and my poor roommate and my old Ministry, but a number of big, lovely changes have come about in the past few weeks:

1) Work – I now work in the Deputy’s Office at Ontario Tourism & Recreation. Yay!
2) Love – Things with JVL just get better and better every day.
3) Home – I’m gradually relocating myself to Weston, but will be sure to give **plenty** of notice before I permanently move to the pseudo-‘burbs.

Only working Saturdays and the occasional Sunday at the Snail, thanks to the new job. No more waking up at 6am to get to work on time. I’ve been shopping for garden materials. Had a nice Mother’s Day with my Mum. Got to drive RVL’s awesome yellow Nissan truck. Listened to a lot of Zero7 and the Fugees. Life is good.

I hope all goes well for you, my LJ peeps as well. It was good seeing Dao & Jamie (however briefly) on Saturday. I’ll catch McK in San Diego, and I’ll be proud to hang out with someone whose art is looking so sharp.

Seeing Ed on Thursday night for dinner. Still need to work out when I’m heading to BC to visit the cousins.

7 thoughts on “I’m not dead… am I?

  1. You’re alive! I’d heard rumours to the fact, but I don’t take much stock in rumours.

    I fear the slow relocation to Weston will me awful things for our relationship. 😉

    Miss you.

  2. Woohoo! I’m so glad life is going well – and I knew JVL was a good thing!

    Also, Zero 7 rock.

  3. where have you beeeeeeeen? and where is this Ontario Tourism and Recreation place (read: any chance i can score free maps of Toronto and even Ottawa for me and the band when we go there for tour?)??

    also – and i’ve been meaning to ask this for a while – where is weston, exactly? pardon my ignorance of GTA geography.

    i miss you. let me know if/when you will EVER be home, because i’d like to call you sometime (or you can call me +44 1223 571 520). lots of questions. hugs and hugs

  4. Hey, I imagine your Ministry of Citizenship email will no longer be the best way to get in touch with you, especially during the day when I have to contact you immediately to tell you, for example, about the best TV show ever made that I’m pretty sure you would love just as much as I do. Of course, if you don’t think you’d love a show where Tom Waits puts a fish down his pants, well, then, I guess, don’t email me your new address, because, you know, whatever. Like I care.

  5. Would you care to identify yourself, Anonymous Giver of Aggressively Punctuated Advice?

    Or are you just going to foretell doom and gloom without reason or argument, spamming my Live Journal and then fading, nameless, into the dark.

    Not a very nice thing to do, if you ask me.

  6. The best advice is given when the source is unknown. Full of objectivity. I’m your new fortune teller. Moving to Weston sounds sad. It isn’t a real place is it? I’m down on Weston not JVL.

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