Sasquatch Sighting

At lunch, just after satiating my chocolate cravings with a really uncalled-for packet of Junior Mints and a Fruit and Nut bar (damn you, highly convenient first floor tuck shop!), I ventured out with my co-worker Yanick to purchase an extension cable for our LCD projector. And who should I run into on College Street, just as I was leaving the Canada Computer Factory Outlet, but himself, leaving the house for the first time in over a week to buy a new computer and a whole new reason to camp out safely in his den, far away from the burning light that our solar system seems to be perpetually burdened with.

Hello, James! Welcome to the outside, however briefly!

7 thoughts on “Sasquatch Sighting

  1. …in my own apartment! He was reportedly fixing something on ‘s computer. I hope he didn’t eat my cat after I left….

  2. Alas, no sasquatch sighting for me. he left little cryptic notes on my computer. the mystery deepens

    and nothing short of the ravenous bug-blatter beast of traal could devour your angry kitty. and it’d be afraid to try…

  3. No kittens were eaten in the fixing of ‘s computer. We all know that your moggie is very lovely, until you pet it the wrong way and it tears my face off. Even this seldom-seen sasquatch knows better. 😉

  4. Cryptic? I thought “Use Me” on the newly installed and operating DVD drive would have been obvious enough! You can watch movies! And burn CDs! At the same time! Didja notice that? 🙂

  5. can we have the scary santa pic back? i like the scary santa pic. this pic isn’t you at all… too normal.

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