Day 3, Running the Joint

Hmm. I see there is a reason why they generally have more than one person working on the PAC unit at any given time. This is day three of being my own manager, consultant and administrative staff, and I’m feeling a little worn out. I need a weekend.

And, apparently, a new health regime. After a delightful evening of goofing around and watching two brilliant episodes of the O.C. for the first time (the Christmukkah and New Year’s Eve episodes), I had some kind of serious breakdown last night about being a big fattie. I actually have no idea how much I do or do not weigh, but I’m certainly at the point of not taking it lying down any more. This means it’s time for some drastic action, to prevent a totally undesired bout of self-loathing.

It’s time for broccoli. It’s time for water. It’s time for yoga. And it’s time, alas, just before birthday and Christmas, to lock down against chocolate, cookies, ice cream, fast food and all that other stuff. This could be challenging, due to JVL’s love and almost NEED of all the foods I must not eat if I want to avoid morbid obesity. And also, our lack of a nearby grocery store with a decent fruit and veggie aisle is a little off-putting. But if I’m determined, I’m sure I will prevail. It’s all about mind over body. And perhaps, mind over rum and coke. And occasionally, mind over poutine.

It’s a challenge. I will start by having a healthy lunch today with and if we’re lucky, . And proceed by not eating too many tasty comestibles tomorrow night at and ‘s infamous 5th Annual Mathom Party, for which I must remember to wrap some shitty old unwanted gifts tonight.

Come ooooonnnnn, weekend!

10 thoughts on “Day 3, Running the Joint

  1. Yo, I am not kidding. The new Yoga Studio is amazing! Or, if you would rather, I have a Downward Dog pass with your name on it.

  2. And it’s time, alas, just before birthday and Christmas, to lock down against chocolate, cookies, ice cream, fast food and all that other stuff.

    This is never a bad idea around the holidays, even if it’s hard to do. I’ve always found that planning to eat less junk then tends to level things out more than not planning to. Mainly, this is because, even if I fail from time to time, I will tend to eat less in total than I would have otherwise. The trick is to not go on a downward spiral on those occasions when you do fail to meet your own eating standards (as I always will).

    Or, maybe unlike me, you have a will of iron in these matters.

  3. I was thinking of ways to try to shore up my resolution in case it flags when confronted with holiday treats like tasty Mincemeat Pies or yummy double-cream Napoleons, and everything I came up with seemed to follow the dull-as-dishwater Bridget Jones method of meticulous and aggravating personal record keeping.

    My only other thought was to take a digital photo of my horrid wobbly midriff once a week and post it in glorious technicolour on LJ, in an attempt to stimulate myself to action through regular public humiliation. Truthfully though, I can’t subject anyone else to that kind of visual pain, so I’ll keep my belly to myself.

    I was good at lunch – just a chicken noodle soup and Arizona green tea. Argh! Already with the Bridget! I may do the unthinkable and buy a weight scale tonight. Prepare for hard numbers tomorrow.

  4. It all depends on the poutine, I guess, and how programmed I am to eat it given the company I am with. I have a strong belief in learned behaviour, and the Foxes Den and I have a lot of un-learning to do. But I’m willing to work at it!

    I miss you, too, lady. Wanna get together for coffee or soooshi or something while Chrissy and Cat are off gambling their lives away in Vegas? Or maybe I can see you next week when I hook up with Chrissy on Wednesday night? We could both get the debrief at the same time, and share a friendly pint… of tasty low-cal water. *sobs*

    ps – It’s Rainbow’s birthday today! He’s turning 25, sweet little baby that he is. 🙂

  5. I MUST go 10 times before January 1st, or forfeit those passes forever, and given our track record, you’re the best yoga buddy I could hope for.

    I’d love to take a class with you. See my email for more details.

  6. I think I’ll have to go for Wed night, iffn Chrissy doesn’t mind me horning in on the fun. My post-funeral schedule is a packed with holiday fun. Gah. And engagement parties. Double gah.

    Rainbow is 25 today? How cute of him. He’s now the same age as my roommate AND my baby brother.

    I miss seeing him every week on my telly, I do. Even if he didn’t have much to say. 😉

  7. Umm, having been to lunch with you today and knowing that this probably won’t change your mind, you are NOT over weight, hun. You look wonderful, please don’t worry! Alas, I think body-paranoia is wired into us… Excercise is always great but do it for health, not weight. More, enjoy the holiday food!

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