Poor Physical Performance

Gimli’s 2-sided Battle Axe replica is in stock at the Snail. It looks cool. It also weighs a freaking TON. I saw it last night when I stopped by the store to network the office computers and printer together. and can both be proud that my technical acumen has reached it’s current level: y’all taught me everything I know.

Eating hurts today due to some serious cracked/blistered lip action on my mouth. It *sucks*. The air is really dry here at work, and dry at home, and no matter how much lip goo I slather on, I still look like a horror show. Worse, I haven’t been able to properly smooch Justin for nearly three days and it’s killing me. Craving the kissing.

Still no firm ideas on what to do to celebrate my birthday this year. Twenty-seven isn’t really significant, and I’m all out of vacation days, and my actual birthday is on a Sunday this year (the 19th), so I kind of want to stay at home. But I feel obliged to set up at the very least a pub evening where folks can drop by, say hello, and buy me a rye and ginger if they’re feeling generous and festive. Hmm. Will continue to consider.

New Year’s Resolution #1: I will strive to acquire the ENTIRE Eyewitness Books library (excepting Jr. and funfax series) before I turn 30. Currently, I own Seashore, Pond & River, Witches & Witchcraft and Book. I have a ways to go. I think there are around 100 of them.

And, of course, I have to give mad props to and for their excellent Mathom Party on Saturday. I really enjoyed finally (properly) meeting – although Starfishdude’s absence was noted – as well as many of my other LJ peeps.

Very excited for to come home from Vegas tonight, so that we can hopefully go out with Melly tomorrow and debrief on her trip at the pub.

ps – Hey, ! I added you to “The List” *cue ominous music here*

8 thoughts on “Poor Physical Performance

  1. It was great getting to chat with you! And I really should spend more time (also money) at the Snail.

  2. *so proud*!

    It was a great party! I’ll have you know, that Batman is cursed.. He was set up in all his brooding Bride-of-Spawn splendor on the mantle, where he stayed put for hours, only to spontaneously plunge off the mantle, taking a (thankfully unlit) candle holder and stocking with him, only to plunge into a pile of china (thankfully unbroken). Dude has some *issues*!

  3. Called yesterday to say she has been celebrating Vegas with an intense bout of stomach flu, so I wouldn’t hope for much from her, barring a miracle cure.

  4. remember that post about being broke? Wondering where the money went? This is your xmas Scrooge telling you that your New Year’s resolution is precisely the kind of thing that mysteriously empties the wallet and the bank account. 100 books! And the thing is, my little no-impulse-control bunny, is that this is but one of the many desires you will try to fulfill in the next three years. My advice: get the second mortgage, or turn JVL into a rent-a-tart at the docks. It’s the only sane option.

  5. Oh, that completely *sucks*.
    After my adventures in having Bolivian Death Flu (or whatever the hell it was) when I was in San Diego this summer, I am having the strong empathy for our Chrissy right now.

    Have you already done the juice and soup run, or can I take the health-making things her way today?

    Also, how are you doing? Maybe I can sate my visiting-friends-downtown craving by seeing you instead, while TMB is on the mend? It’s been a while, and I have a new/old-but-resurrected creative project that I’d love to get some perspective on.

  6. But I WANTS them! And actually, there are only 88 titles. And since I already own 4 of them, that makes 84 to acquire. What if I extend my deadline to, say, age 35? Or whenever I get around to having a baby? Or whenever that baby is old enough to read? Give me hope, Edwud!

  7. That’s what happens when your millionaire parents get murdered and you start sporting a cape made of over 300 yards of voluminous, rubbery material.

    You get issues.

    And ridiculous calf muscles in your ridiculously skinny legs. Apparently.

  8. Well, as you see from her LJ, Chrissy seems to have survived. So tomorrow it is (at the Firkin, NOT the Foxes Den, don’t forget). I’m going to be at the Snail late this afternoon, and at the Bishop shortly thereafter if you wish to seek me out. Call me or send email.

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