Fuck! Stupid Tenants!


Well, I’m overdrawn on my account AGAIN.

How is this continually happening to me, you ask?
My freaking tenant’s freaking rent cheque bounced. And although I deposited it on the 1st of December, and waited the prescribed 5 days for it to clear, and the funds have been in my account and accessible all this time, on the 6th the monies were withdrawn due to “insufficient funds”. What the *@#*&!?

So then my condo fees and mortgage came out, and now I have negative $150 dollars in my account, and my next payday is next Thursday, which is all of eight days away.

So much for eight crazy nights of gifting. How about eight crazy nights of POVERTY and NO BILL PAYMENTS?!?! This Hanukkah thing isn’t working out for me at ALL. I think Moses is angry at me for something.

3 thoughts on “Fuck! Stupid Tenants!

  1. Can you arrange to have rent taken off their credit cards? Or force them to give it to you in cash? Or kill them?

    I am with you on the poverty, yo. Thank God I’m not Jewish and I can hold off until payday (which, please, COME ON PAYDAAAAY!)

  2. Don’t get down on Moses too hard. I mean, he *was* God’s puppet for all of the Ten Commandments, and then some. Poor guy, having to summon all those locusts and frogs and blood. Takes a lot outta ya.

    As for the money front, bag lunches can help… good luck! (I too have $250 for two weeks. Can I make it? I’m pretending that anything ordered out will be so incredibly fatty, that I’m going to get ill from eating it. … we’ll pretend this after sushi tonight, ok?)

  3. Speaking of sushi… I’ve been looking for an excuse to make some Japanese food so perhaps if you and your honey are interested and free and I can talk Edwud into taking a little free time we can head over and I can make some sushi, ohm-rice and miso soup. It’s not much but it would save you one meal :). Good luck with that… Money problems always suck but specially this time a year.

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