Good morning

Well, this is a positive morning. Some things are actually happening at work (although my Monday event still doesn’t have a venue or remarks, but tish tosh, these are petty concerns).

Last night was good – I made it to yoga *just* in the nick of time due to unexpected delays at the office. I was painfully inflexible and flabby, but at least the scales weren’t as cruel as I thought; I have gained weight, but I thought I was cruising at the 155lb mark, and actually I’m at 145lbs, which is about ten pounds more than my “set point”. It’s not great, but it’s fixable. I had a yummy salad-y tofu-y dinner from the salad bar at Whole Foods, and then got the subway out to the west end to go visit Christie and Seth in the delightfully peaceful festive holiday atmosphere of their home. Retrieved West Wing season 3 so that Justin has entertainment for his day off work tomorrow, and then headed home at about 9pm. As usual, the Keele bus was full of loud, completely insane people carrying too many packages and wearing too much perfume and lipstick while talking on too many cell phones. But it got me home, where I proceeded to goof around on the phone with , who gave me some good advice on writing my comic script, then fiddled about on Evite, wrote my first ever review for about ‘Dr. Mario 64’ and waited for JVL to get back from work. The key turned in the front door at half-past midnight, and after dishes were washed and teeth were brushed and email checked and the day discussed in brief, we fell into slumber at about 2am. Ready to go for our 7am wake-up call!

So it’s rather surprising, you see, that I am so perky today. Not even nightmares about animatronic illuminated reindeer grazing on watermelons gushing blood could get me down (although they were damned creepy last night, let me tell you). I made bagels and coffee this morning, and JVL and I ate on the train. We kissed goodbye at Queen Street, and I made it to work on time even though the train was delayed, and all is well with the world.

My plan for tonight is to go down to Queen after work to take some dinner and look at what I hear is an AMAZING Invader Zim and Santa Claus christmas window display at the Snail, and then take the subway up to meet and company at some pub in another township. I think it’s called the Village of Davis, but I’ll have to look it up on a map or something.

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  1. Sorry I wasn’t able to meet you for yoga! What’s the new studio like to practice in? And Moira, your weight never goes beyond 145lbs…you should stop worrying about this. Besides, more cushion …. (I’m not going to finish this).

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