I am a slooooooowwww apple

Yo soy una manzana lento.

Man, I checked my stats for that shitty Victorian Fiction paper. Final page count = 20, Final word count = 6200, Final number of minutes spent editing = 1660 minutes!!!!!

Sure, sure, at least nine hours of that was probably me staring blankly at the screen, weeping, or more likely the CPU left on with my Word window open and adding minutes to the ticking clock while I was in the kitchen making tea or taking one of my infamous ‘Debbie Travis’ breaks with the telly, but REALLY.

Twenty-eight hours of even having this monster on my monitor is outrageous. Divided up, that comes out to about an 1 hour and 23 minutes per page, or an agonizing 3-4 words per minute. You could teach a monkey to write faster than that. I really have to work on cutting down my editing process. Or reducing my tea breaks.

I hope everyone’s weekend is excellent and essay-free.

“Have good mosh-pitting!”

One thought on “I am a slooooooowwww apple

  1. my weekend is no essay free. I have to finish my immuno exam. This does not fill me with dread. Things are cake. See my drunken entry for details.


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