Today, I Applaud Thee For Not Being Shite


– was sunny and beautiful with little fluffy clouds
– I had an ice cream cone bought for me by my manager
– I got my first photo journalism assignment, taking snaps of a charity pancake breakfast; also got chocolate chip pancakes out of it
– had a lovely trip to College Street on my lunchhour
– I got a rental offer on my condo
– Justin is cooking steak and frites for dinner
– I (finally!) picked up my phone message from … thank you honey! I will call back ASAP!
– my phone at work got fixed so I have voicemail
– I am leaving at 4:30pm on the dot, should catch the 5:15pm train

It’s a flood or a famine, you know?

3 thoughts on “Today, I Applaud Thee For Not Being Shite

  1. do you still need to find someone to do tree work? my friend/connection is back in town for july/aug…

  2. I’ll make a locked entry with my work # (which I owe the rest of the Axis of Accidental Evyl anyway) if you get bored tonight & need at least the pretense of striving for sanity.

    And yay! As I often say when leaving boxing class, “I suck less!


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