The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated SCARY BUNNY POLL

The Scary Bunny Poll is HERE! Amusing, informative, absurdly jam-packed with images, and SCARY Fill it in, fill it in! Pleeeease? The Scary Bunny Poll is just a click away… Scary Bunnies in the Media Participants: 60 1) Scariest bunny used in an advertising campaign? Trix Cereal Rabbit (60s) – 17 (28.3%) Energizer Battery Bunny […]

Goodbye, Wesley

Just took our foster cat, Wesley, back to the Humane Society so she can be adopted by some nice family. I can’t even believe I’m still this attached to her, given how many times she peed on my laundry pile, but I’m sad she’s gone. My bed will be very cold tonight, without a warm […]