Goodbye, Wesley

Just took our foster cat, Wesley, back to the Humane Society so she can be adopted by some nice family. I can’t even believe I’m still this attached to her, given how many times she peed on my laundry pile, but I’m sad she’s gone.

My bed will be very cold tonight, without a warm kitty curled next to me.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Wesley

  1. I’m telling you dude – it’s time to adopt. It doesn’t lock you in – if you end up moving away or somewhere that kitties can’t go, you can always find a loving home for a good kitty.

    It’s better than living without kitty-love, or this cycle of attachment and loss.

    Also, Cleio is available for kitty-time whenever you need any. She’s got MORE than enough love to go around.

  2. It is too bad, I can’t mooch kitty privelages from you any more. ‘Twill be a quiet and unscented house without Wes-ley around to spice things up! 🙁

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