Icky Morning

I woke up feeling large and not very in-charge after my late-night poutine binge with at ye olde Foxes’ Den(ah, the ‘aftermath of joy’ rears its ugly head once again).

Dressed myself in the dark, only later realizing I had put on a tomato red shirt under a chocolate brown sweater and now I look like a Second Cup employee.

My tenant just called me to say that the heater in my condo has broken, and the building manager can’t fix it, so I’ll have to call someone in. Under warranty? I’m not sure.

And the Executive Director of our workplace United Way campaign has informed me I can no longer continue avoiding the recognition letters I was supposed to write and hand out LAST MONTH.

In avoidance of these disturbing, real and pressing issues, I have chosen to research the history of anthropomorphic rabbits. (Wow – my coping mechanisms *suck*) So far, it starts with Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit in 1865 and continues on to today’s Blockbuster mascot, “Carl”.

There will be a quiz later.

9 thoughts on “Icky Morning

  1. And if you have some time? Maybe you can work in a geography lesson…


    Sorry you have unpleasant aftermath. I went home, had a looooong phone conversation with the Vince (I was drunk, he was stoned… ah, good times), caught up with an OOOOOLD ‘net acquaintance I haven’t talked to since Dec. 2002 (we did the math), had a bath, watched Monday’s episode of General Hospital, read a little, crawled into bed and woke up after about 4.5 hours of sleep feeling… perky and alert?


  2. My sympathies. Maybe I’ll drop by the store later tonight with a lame-but-sincere attempt to cheer you up.

    On a lighter note: clowns!

  3. What better way to celebrate Marla Day than WITH MARLA?

    You will be less jealous once you get my package.

    *tapping foot impatiently at Canada Post’s slothfulness*

  4. So I’m to assume from the Tears for Fears that you’ve got Frank. Off the top of my head I can only think of the guy in the bunny suit getting a blowjob from the guy in the tux in that one really creepy scene from the Shining…or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way it’s creepy.


  5. I’m mkaing my class discuss bionegineering and transgenic organims today. Eduardo Kac goes into reasonable depth about the history of domestication of rabbits and such and so forth, with considerable attention to references. Glad we are enabling your coping mechanisms?

    GFP Bunny


  6. Have you ever heard my tale of the Candian postal system? How I was told that every package entering the country, even if it’s going from say Seattle to Vancouver has to go through Toronto? That’s just NUTS.

  7. There’s always Harvey, the 6 ft tall HWite Pooka.

    Although, I don’t if that’s anthropomorphicizing a rabbit or an animal spirit…

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