Currently, in the World of Victorian Poetry

Pages: 6 (one double spaced) Goal: 22 double-spaced incl. bibliography Words: 2544 (not edited) Goal: 6000 Words of quotation: 4630 (not edited, not numbered) Cue cards filled with thesis argument: 7 Thesis? Check. Bibliography? Not done. Due date? Tonight, 11:59pm. At work? No. Let’s get this show on the road.

Since we’re geeking out over old movies…

This is how writing (not writing?) my Victorian Narrative essay makes me feel: Just like Atreyu, I have three pressing questions in my mind… Why did my horsie have to die? Will I ever reach the Empress in time? What if my thesis is untenable? In other news, our new roommate moved in today. We […]