Extra Action Marching Band concert review on tmb.net

I decided to do something social and healthy, and took myself to a concert downtown last Friday. I’m disappointed that it took me all week to write a review, but I finally did, and of course since I owe themusesbitch.net about a million promised and unfulfilled articles, I immediately handed it over for posting. So you can all read about the slutty, delightfully camp magic that is the ‘Extra Action Marching Band’ by following this lengthy link.

Also, if you are in New York, you should head to one of the XAMB’s sinfully good concerts post-haste this weekend. Tonight (July 30) they are at the East River Music Project, NYC
East River Amphitheater and then later in the evening, moving to Rubulad – “Rumpus Room” in Brooklyn. Tomorrow (July 31), they will be gracing the Bi-Coastal Band Geek Convergence and Swap Meet at the Knitting Factory NYC. Check their website, www.extra-action.com for more details about future locations.

Oh, and I should also mention that I FINALLY HANDED IN MY OLD ENGLISH PAPER. That fucker is dead and buried, Praise the Lord, hallelujah. Now I just have to wait and see if I passed, and if that is indeed the case, then in a few months you will all be the proud recipients of attractive graduation photographs of me sporting a mortarboard, gown and fetching Master’s hood. Possibly with a dog collar if I love you enough.

If I can find my high school grad portraits, I’ll scan one and post it later, as a sort of “Lucky Harbinger” for more grad portraits to come.

Seriously thinking of buying myself the British “Coupling” DVDs as a grad gift to myself if I pass, thanks to a hilarious evening of watching some previously unviewed by me Season 2 episodes with the other night.

8 thoughts on “Extra Action Marching Band concert review on tmb.net

  1. …I really must incorporate a bustier and pom-poms into my next concert. Would that be too weird? That’s hilarious.

    I also read your “Geek Appeal” article just now…..awesome! I’m still not convinced that I’m ready for the geek…but it’s getting closer and closer. I just have to get away from the loser first….and the drummer..

  2. ha!

    if i recall correctly, the first time you watched Coupling with me, you said you absolutely hated it and that it was not at all funny compared to AbFab. to be fair though, season 3 is a hell of a lot better…hm. anyway, congrats on being (provisionally) done with your Masters! yay!

  3. that’s definitely one of the odder pictures I’ve seen on my flist today, but actually pretty damn cool.

    Also? Congrats on slaying the academic beast. ;P

  4. …I really must incorporate a bustier and pom-poms into my next concert. Would that be too weird? That’s hilarious.

    it would be fucking awesome. Do it! do it. doit.


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