7 thoughts on “Totem Grad Photos

  1. For some reason, I want to see an eyepatch over the left (to the viewer) eye.

    Wait… I have the photoshop-fu to make that happen!!!

  2. That was precisely my intent. It’s a crying shame that the yearbook photographer wouldn’t let me do the photos in full makeup.

    BTW, I *nearly* went on a road trip this weekend, and you were *nearly* one of the lucky recipients of my good company. But I got distracted by an Antique Market on the side of the road, and spent all my gas money on a 1920s art deco brass and pressed glass owl-motif ink well. Sorry about that.

    Anyhow, my environmental guilt wouldn’t have allowed for me to drive all the way cross-country alone, so it was a vain thought anyhow. Maybe next time there’s a long weekend, I’ll try to persuade Melly or Chrissy to join me on the highway. Or just buy a ticket for one of those flying machines.

    I only say this because you have been posting like a mad fiend lately, so I can only assume that you are bored out of your skull and need people to amuse you. Feel free to tell us Canadalanders to piss off if we’re misreading your seeming cry-for-help the wrong way.

  3. Is it even physically possible to drive from Toronto to Denver and back in the space of three days?

  4. Nope, not the noisome bored one here. I am just not as insanely mad arab busy as I was during the rugose school year, though I am writing my squamous Comps, which would give you the screaming batrachian eldritch horrors should you stop by. ALthough I would stop and bring y’all to the mountains, which are pretty and inhabited by the Elder Gods who will rise up and eat the Moon.
    help help help


  5. technically, the answer is “yes”. If you drive 25 hrs straight here, spend on day and drive 25 hrs straight back. But it would suck…..


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