Happy Hallowe’en!

Well, as usual I am one of three people at work today in any sort of festive outfit. *sigh*

This morning on the pre-8am-all-office-workers GOTrain ride it was just me and a guy in a pancho and sombrero, with two days’ beard growth and a cheroot. I sat next to him so that all the suspicious starers could direct their gazes uniformly, without undue neck strain.

Compared to the full-body pink rabbit outfit I wore in 2003, the girl-biker idea seemed tame, but I had an acute moment of self-awareness in front of the elevators. I met Minister Colle for the first time wearing an outfit consisting mostly of pleather, studs, chain and lacing. Eep.

Roommate K-Jo is buying candy today, hopefully on sale, at Shoppers/Canadian Tire. When I get home there should be lit pumpkins guiding my way. Intending to leave work early to make it before dark, but cunning plan will only work if Cabinet Office cooperates and sends me back the alterations on my products, like NOW. Otherwise may have to take cab.

I wish a pleasantly spooky night for you all! Eat chocolate! Watch the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror! Wear creepy masks!

3 thoughts on “Happy Hallowe’en!

  1. and i thought the bunny outfit was very becoming on you. still, no person in their right mind would have an objection to pleather, studs, chain and lacing, though of course, you’re in gov’t, so it’d be hard finding an ounce sanity at all. do not make yourself sick with the candy. it’s my only request.

  2. I have not yet seen anyone in costume. I think Hallowe’en exists only on the internets.

  3. Well, as usual I am one of three people at work today in any sort of festive outfit. *sigh*

    Count yourself lucky – I was stupid enough to ask before coming in costume, and couldn’t get a straight answer out of HR. the general gist of it was “no”, though, so instead of wearing my spiffy new Spirit of Autumn outfit, I have my birch mask sitting next to me to watch my back for me for the day.

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