New Frames

Picked up my new Kliik Denmark glasses last night before school, as well as some origami paper and more scratchboard at Curry’s.

Here’s my big white face with my shiny new red frames. This is the first pair of glasses I’ve ever managed to purchase in less than 30 minutes, with minimal agony and without having to drag my mother, friends, coworkers and random people off the street into the fray to help me choose. It’s either a sign of personal growth, a stroke of luck, or it means that I just don’t give a crap how I look anymore. This photo kind of makes me want to start wearing fake eyelashes and pencil in my eyebrows.

11 thoughts on “New Frames

  1. VERY cute. Very you!

    This inspires me to make a damn appointment to get my eyes checked, now that I have benefits that cover that again, and get some new frames with an up-do-date prescription!

  2. I strongly recommend both taking a look through the Kliik catalogue online and if you need a new, downtown optometrist, check out Dr. Kristin Heeney, on King West just past Spadina.

    Her office is great, she’s great, and she has a great little dog who works with her.

  3. Shanks! Positive feedback is always good.

    I’m glad I changed over from the turquoise/tortoiseshell colour back to red again. These are similar to my old plastic burgundy glasses, except hopefully these are metal they won’t snap cleanly in half right down the nose bridge in the middle of a workday, prompting me to do the old nerd-style taped-glasses look while showing executives into the Deputy’s office.

    That was awkward!

  4. Allow me to plug Great Glasses, my opticians of choice. Free eye test + cool frames + 3-for-1 deal = I own 8 pairs of glasses. It’s a bit much, really, but damnit, they have cool frames.

    And you know who else has really cool glasses? Moira, that’s who. Lovely specs, Pipes!

  5. You own 8 pairs of glasses? That’s a little frightening, my friend.

    I should probably see the opthamologist to make sure I’m not following in my sister’s footsteps with spontaneous retina detachment, but I suppose I can take my prescription anywhere, right? Options would be cool! I’m so tired of my old glasses…

    Finally, my lord that is a terrible website. Decent framework, but the graphics are a mess!

  6. Yeah, 8 pairs may be a bit much. I bought 3 pairs a couple of years ago when I first came across their 3-for-1 goodness, and I bought another 3 pairs last year when my prescription changed. I also somehow have two pairs of prescription sunglasses, purchased at different times over the years. Since I can still see reasonably well with the old prescription, that makes 8 pairs of functioning specs.

    As for the web site, yeah. Ugh. No one with that design sensibility should be allowed near Flash.

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