CNTM quickie and Toronto International Film Festival!

Well, I’m a dirty rotten liar. I said I’d post about Top Model, and I just plain didn’t. So spank me. There are only three girls left now –waifish Andrea, kinky Sisi and plain as dirt Alanna– since they decided they didn’t want Canada’s Top Racist aka Brandi to win the competition and then lord it over all “foreigners” forever by dressing in their clothes and making painfully asinine imitations of their accents. Did I mention I’m glad she’s gone? Yeah. Andrea will probably win tomorrow night, but I’d be glad if it was Sisi as well. She’s professional, funny, intelligent, no-nonsense and she takes a damn good photograph. And I feel like she’d be a little less queeny than Andrea, who is so going to return home in a chariot made of cotton candy, pulled by winged horses and then set fire to her old high school if she wins.

In other news, Justin and Aaron are picking up our new desktop from Canada Computers today, since the old one finally went kaput. I bought wool to make a Dr. Who scarf (season 12) on my lunchhour and holy crap is wool ever expensive. Aiiieee! All I want to do right now is cast on 60 stitches and start rolling, because at one thousand and forty rows, this is going to take me a while. Like, maybe winter 2007 completion date. Maybe.

ATTENTION! Time to gear up for the Toronto International Film Festival again!

This year, the festival runs from Thursday, September 7 to Saturday, September 16th, and books of tickets are available now. The 30-ticket coupon book is available for 30 Tickets to non-Gala films and is eligible for inclusion in the Advance Ticket Lottery, which means no standing in big stupid lines to get Rush tickets. It’s easily shared with friends, which is what I’d like to do, since the book runs to $432.44 total (includes the “building fund” and “order fees”), which means you’re paying about $14.50 per ticket. Anyone interested?

If I get a few bites, I’ll order it, since Justin and I can probably use about 10 tickets total to see films, which means my option B is to get the 10-ticket pass at around $172, which means I pay $17 per ticket. But then again, so do you. Get ’em while they’re hot! The 30-book of tickets usually sells out by the end of July. I’m also offering to do the preselection and submit the envelope for the lottery, so you can skip that hassle too. Speak now, or hold it.

8 thoughts on “CNTM quickie and Toronto International Film Festival!

  1. I want to make a Dr. Who scarf, too! (But I’m not quite that much of a knitter, or quite that much of a Dr. Who fan.)

  2. I’m rooting for Sisi now despite myself, because Andrea is such a freaking WIMP. She takes a good photo, though, I’ll give her that. Meanwhile, isn’t it interesting that we’re not even considering Alanna? I mean, how did that girl get to the top three? I think she’s only left because she hasn’t ever done anything egregiously wrong enough to get her kicked off. Bizarre.

  3. Alas! I just picked up a daypass, on anticipation of booking some days off in which to use said daypass. I will pass along word to other film-types that I know, however.

  4. I’m interested in the film festival. I such at choosing films. I would be up for purchasing a couple of your tickets to tag along to your choices provided they have more of…well, something…than of industry jokes (I son’t get the jokes). Films I like: The Man on the Train, Fight Club, Adaptation and Lock, Stock & 2 smoking barrels. U of T starts Sept 11th, but I will be done by 5 at the latest.

  5. Damn, I hate it when you’re right!

    My “conservative estimate” for completion of said Ridiculous Scarf (I can’t believe the wool for a SCARF cost me $100, although I did buy 16 skeins) given my slow, amateur status, was 1040 rows, at 10 rows a day = 104 days. Starting yesterday, July 18, would take 15 weeks for an end date of October 30th, just in time for Hallowe’en.

    However, thanks to yesterday’s extra-long commute home after night class at Ryerson, and my heat-induced wake-up time of 4:30am today, I completed 50 rows in less than 24 hours. I know this won’t continue, but if it did, I would be done in three weeks!

    The sickness starts here. Groan.

  6. Don’t forget to bring your tote home to Momma – being an inveterate wool buyer, I have two of those “under the bed” storage boxes full…

  7. I saw some stuff on TV about the festival and Wordplay was gievn some time. I’m not sure if it is playing there but upon further research I did find it’s playing in two theatres there. The long and drawn out answers to this is, that I want to see it. I mean a doc about crosswords just HAS to be neat. *sigh*

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