Too Many Parents Have Sex In March

I’m just sayin’. I think I could post happy birthday wishes every single day from last week straight through until Christmas and then some.

Seriously, people, I know it’s cold outside but there must be other business beyond procreation that you can take care of in March.

Yesterday I was supposed to wish a delightful and divariffic birthday to , but I missed it due to pressing work demands. Sorry, lassie! I will hopefully see you today at lunch and make it up to you with a hug and a hot beverage, as planned.

My evening last night involved working late, then going to the bank to refinance some things and have them laugh at me when I asked about acquiring more property (ha ha!), then visiting my friend Nona who put an offer on the table to let me share her house, and then watching three episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ chez Crispy because I had to be at work for 7am this morning to continue the work insanity and it seemed silly to go home to Oakville under the circumstances.

Today I am wishing smashing birthday shenanigans to the delightfully laconic, goodhearted, fuzzy-faced , who has been so kind to me lately. May your piercings never tarnish, and your boots never have salt stains!

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