No More Tears (today, at least)

Good news, people. I’m already sick of the sound of my own whining, so today, we will have a mope-free post. There will be no dropping of the J-word, no cutting allusions to lost hopes or broken dreams. Just straight up news-reporting from the World of MoFo.

First up, pure fluff. My buddy has decided to lay off making out with her cats just long enough to drag me out to the movies. She’s stoked about taking me to see ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ with Will Ferrell, and I am bound and determined to drag her along for ‘The Prestige’ (also known as Batman vs. Wolverine because Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman face off as Victorian-era magicians). Mmm… popcorn!

On a physical front, after the move I felt a bit like a lead balloon, but am slowly getting my groove back through running. My skinny little legs are very upset that I keep forgetting to stretch before and after, but at least I bought new shoes which help avoid excess strain on my very knobby knees. talked me into signing up for the 5K ‘Resolution Run’ happening on the morning of December 31st in Toronto’s retro-styling Distillery District. I have my doubts about the safety and sanity of running on what is sure to be a deadly cold, possibly icy day over historic cobblestone streets, but what the hell – at least I won’t feel any guilt about anything I do that evening. I’m talking about drinking booze, in case anyone is confused as to my meaning.

Mail-wise, I finally remembered to go to Canada Post and pay to have my snail mail redirected yesterday ($37 for six months service), and while I was there I had one of those freaky moments where I got a call from to reschedule our coffee date until Friday, and then she mentioned Calgary and how great it was to work with Brett, and as she said his name, I looked up and lo and behold there he was! After a quick chat, we worked out that he and and I might get together downtown for a celebratory lunch on my birthday next month, which reminds me I really do need to make some plans about all that. Too bad it’s on a Tuesday. Still, I think a quiet pub night may work out well, even on a weekday. What is anyone doing at their office 6 days before Christmas that they can’t do with a hangover?

I also sent out a general e-mail to friends and family to let them know about my change of address and phone, which elicited a huge response from a bunch of folks who I have sadly let slip off my radar since moving to Weston. I heard from my friend, ex-boss, and ex-dean of UC, Marty; my college buddy who I used to share pants with, Heather; from my days as residence coordinator extraordinaire, Marc; my high school rocker buddy turned accountant, Chris; and many more folks that I haven’t heard from as recently as I’d like. It’s fantastic to have so many letters to answer, but now I’m feeling the pressure to correspond meaningfully and with appropriate enquiries about family and mutual acquaintances to each and every person. Carpal tunnel, here we come.

Work is super duper really crazy busy right now, with human rights legislation and other stuff. I obviously can’t talk about any of it, but suffice to say that whoa nelly it has been a lot of early mornings and late evenings these past few weeks.

Nutrition-wise, I’m on a sashimi rampage. It’s been three solid weeks now of having Japanese food daily or every other day, and mostly I order edamame with maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), and a side of steamed rice. I think my high levels of raw fish consumption may indicate that I am turning into a mermaid at last. Finally!

In Jon Stewart-related news, it is now a Personal Life Goal for me to get someone to tell me that I am “a bobcat in the sack”. As would say, ‘Oh, George’.

5 thoughts on “No More Tears (today, at least)

  1. What is anyone doing at their office 6 days before Christmas that they can’t do with a hangover?

    After my night last night, I say “NOTHING!”

  2. Seriously. Make a birthday plan and I am there! But make it soon, people keep inviting me to do things that week and so far I’m keeping the WHOLE WEEK clear for you, but at some point I’d like to have a more definite plan!

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