Give Death Now Please

Me so sick. Me want die. Tonsils are size of golf balls. Drinking so much lemon water pee smells like lemons. Love to death, but she is carrier and should be quarantined by CDC. ‘Most contagious during first few hours of illness’ rumour clearly total crock. Hate sinuses. Hate mucus. Don’t want keep breathe through mouth. Don’t want chest heavily shellacked with VapoRub. Unsexy.

Quick review: ‘Rocky Balboa’? Surprisingly good. Me like. Lots punching, blood. Very inspiring. Thanks, , would not have seen otherwise.

Now need sleep, make lungs better. Start rigorous ginseng and hawthorne berry regimen in morning.

16 thoughts on “Give Death Now Please

  1. I saw Rocky Balboa as well over the holidays. Overall I liked it but I thought the training montage and actual fight kinda glazed over what a 60 year old man would actually have to do to participate in an exhibition match as shown.

    I hope you feel better soon. I was visiting my grandparents earlier today and they are hosting a plethora of contagions at the moment. I am hoping I dodged a bullet there.

  2. Ugh! Feel better. I too am “enjoying” larger-than-life tonsil size right now. It is the suck.

    Maybe spare yourself the lemon — it’s probably just pissing them off (all that acid! ow!).

  3. I too had the throat of a thousand lashes, and still have the sinuses of the unstoppable wave. I’m pretty sure that snowshoeing tomorrow is going to fix *everything*!

    I hope we all get better soon. ‘s and my reunion in 3 days is going to be a drippy, hacky mess.

  4. At first I refused to see Rockay in theatres but then for some reason I changed my mind. I’ll probably be going alone 😛

  5. Oh honey. Feel better soon.

    (When I was sick I drank blue Gatorade to get back some of the electrolytes and other scientific-sounding things I was losing, and my pee was green!! Weird.)

  6. Thanking you muchly.

    Drugs are causing interruptions in many synaptic connections. Language go boom.

    Glad you had a rockin’ Christmas!

    I bought myself some Brillat Savarin with black truffle, and now I can’t eat it because my antibiotics don’t go with dairy! SO UNFAIR!

  7. Yes, but Brendan, nobody likes to see Sylvester Stallone shoot up with steroids, have the organs and muscles of young men transplanted into his body and then kill a black rooster and drink it’s blood while accepting the Dark Lord as his master. No, wait, EVERYONE would have gone to see that movie! Brilliant, pitch it to the studios as ‘Rocky 7’!

  8. My neck is like four times its usual diameter. It is so not cool.

    I have eased up on lemon and am trying rooibos (no caffeine) and Breathe Easy tea.

  9. I would totally offer to join you, but dude, you live in the Falls and I can’t operate a motor vehicle until I stop taking this crazy codeine-laced cough syrup. Still, go see it anyhow – it was really quite good, definitely WAAAAY better than ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ which I rented in a fit of misinformed idiocy this past weekend.

  10. Throat of a Thousand Lashes! Zounds! Sounds like the title of a bad kung-fu film.

    Hope that snoeshowing thing worked out for you. If so, that sucks for me, because even if I had snowshoes (which I don’t) Ontario has decided on a snow-free winter this year, so I’ll have to find an alternate cure.

    Reunion! No dripping, please.

  11. Thankee, but I swore off Gatorade after my Queen Maleficent photo shoot with the red gloves – the terrifying fluorescent green liquid in the science beakers was Gatorade, and it scared me.

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