My Home, My Fomite

Vocabulary Lesson for Today: A “fomite” is an object or substance capable of absorbing, retaining, and transporting contagious or infectious organisms (from germs to parasites) from one individual to another. This can include dirty towels, eating utensils, and surfaces such as floors, walls, and tables. My Mom’s entire apartment is a fomite right now.

My self-imposed quarantine yesterday had me locked indoors except for a brief trip to the walk-in clinic, but today I’m feeling improved (still look like a puffy waxwork version of myself, but I feel better) and am getting restless. And it’s snowing! The desire to go outside is overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to make a trial run to get some pants I bought on Boxing Day hemmed to fit me, and proceed from there. I may pick up a coffee while I’m out, to remind myself that there are hot beverages that aren’t tea. All of this counts as baby steps towards [drum roll] the 5km ‘Resolution Run’ I’ve already paid to do tomorrow morning at 9:30am in the Distillery District. Bad idea? Maybe. But I’m full of bad ideas, so screw it, I’m going.

During my indoor stint, I’ve watched a lot of fluff TV, but I also cracked open Stuart McLean’s ‘Stories From the Vinyl Cafe’. This book has been around for 10 years, and I know a lot of CBC devotees who have extolled the virtues of ‘Dave Cooks the Turkey’ and other amusing tales, but although I’ve owned this book for ages I never got around to reading it. I made my way to ‘Stewart’, the story about the snoring, farting dog and started to snicker and giggle out loud. Then I read the next story, ‘Driving Lessons’ and by the time I got to the part about the red Honda I was actually crying and hyperventilating with laughter. Good stuff.

Okay, off to shower and then head out with my surgical mask and oxygen tank in tow.

6 thoughts on “My Home, My Fomite

  1. Moira! Don’t do it!

    There will be other runs. There’s a 5K in Toronto like, every weekend.

    What is important here is to REST UP and be as rested and healthy as possible for New Years Eve! PRIORITIES, WOMAN!

  2. Yo, I’m with Chrissy. Stay away from running in the frigid air with a sickly body; so not cool right now. If you feel like you absolutely must get your moneys worth, maybe just walk it? Or just go out and run 5K somewhere in Oakville next week and chant your resolutions over and over again.

  3. I have recently read “Dave cooks the turkey”, “Home from the Vinyl Cafe” and “secrets from the Vinly Cafe”. Those have been my first launch into the lit world of VC. Heard the show numerous times thanks to my 3rd unofficial family back home.

    I too find my self reading out in public/on the bus/at work snickering at parts and then looking up at times to see who’s on to me.

    Nearly cried when I read one story about Dave putting up Christmas lights.

  4. P.S. I would very highly recommend “Dave Gorman’s Googlewack adventure” by well, Dave Gorman. Once you learn what a googlewack is I dare you not to try and get one. I just can’t get one!

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