My poor cousin, , had a terrible day yesterday euthanizing her poor Ugly cat. Many thanks to my peeps (now her peeps too, I suppose) who took a moment to read her kitty eulogy and offer some nice words of support on her LJ. I know it was appreciated.

I was up late on the phone with her, offering what little consolation one can give from four thousand kilometers away. Then I couldn’t get to sleep, so I’m not looking like the vision of refreshed, youthful beauty that is my usual morning face. Haggard would be a better word for it.

All the trains were running 25 minutes late today, and the heat was broken on the one I got onto, so I spent 45 minutes in what felt like a cargo box full of refrigerated carcasses bound for Siberia. Anyhow, sorry to those who were waiting for the opera review – it won’t be coming soon.

13 thoughts on “Blech

  1. But for a few seconds, maybe this will brighten your morning?

    P.S. I got Marshall–AWESOME.

  2. Not my best work, I’ll admit from the outset. There is a real dirth of high-res HIMYM imagery/screencaps on the internets! So, while I promise to redo this when I find a better quality (or any quality) image, in the meantime:

  3. Awwwww. A Monday icon, for me! Thank you. 🙂

    I do *heart* laser tag. And paintball. I may have to rustle up some of my boys and go play soon. I think the aggression release would be good for me. I’d say you and Melly should come, but 1) I don’t want to think about your skin and the bruising, and 2) I don’t want to think about Melly with a gun, trying to slink about in a dark room.

    Re: screen caps. Dude! You OWN the DVDs! Why not just play the DVD on your computer and then take your own screen caps? You can use the classic “pause, then Ctrl+PrtScrn” or download a mini screen-cap program from to auto-capture a series of shots at the push of a button. If you haven’t tried it, taking your own screen caps is very satisfying.

    I was going to suggest it to you when you mentioned that you wanted to create some “suit up” icons, because I’ve looked and there is NOTHING worthwhile on the Interweb when you Google “Barney Stinson”.

  4. I got Marshall, too. But then, look at the alternatives. Who could possibly be Barney’s perfect match? Where is such a woman to be found?

    Sorry, Cat – Ted sucks. He’s too neurotic, even for me, and I live with a Siamese, so I have a high threshold of tolerance for that sort of thing.

    Also? I need to refresh my imaginary boyfriends icon in a bad way. It should have Zach Braff and Sendhil Ramamurthy on it. And possibly that guy from the High Park Running Room who sold me my shoes.

  5. Jealousy does not become LaMag. LaMag is too good for that sort of thing.

    Yes, we discussed your general fabulousness over brunch. And then again at dinner, because Don was there. So you received much attention. As usual. 😉

    Send me your stuff so I can do the thing with the website!

    Also, I spoke to J on the phone and he was stoked about his opening night. Everyone needs to listen to CBC on Thursday for the radio premiere. I’ll post about it on the day as a reminder.

  6. I just might do that. It would be nice to have my pick of any instant from a TV series for iconing purposes… but I wanted to make you an icon RIGHT AWAY, and I am not at home right now (much as I wish I was, this day has basically sucked).

    As for “suit-up” appropriate photos of Barney, I have something in the works, using the following:

    … but it’s not quite there yet. Maybe I need to do a screencap hunt for “snowsuit up!” and “I’m birthday suiting up” to make it feel complete?

  7. I love flight suit up. Definitely hunt for the full set. Especially birthday suit up, because he’s so adorably guileless when he does it.

    As for myself, I may borrow the DVD from you (or sneak off to your computer for a moment with it one night while I’m visiting) so that I can screen cap the heck out of the “transformation” scene where Barney emerges from the chrysalis of his misspent hippie youth to become the cold-hearted suited-up bastard we all know and love. I just like the idea of taking that montage of the orange flyer, then the tie, cufflinks, etc and turning it into an animated GIF.

    If you’re into that idea, please make it yourself, but if you don’t have the time/interest/insanity leave it to me and I’ll get it done.

  8. … and these images are a tad too small/low res for your purposes, but I figured just seeing them would be inspirational!

    Perhaps you can fit this little activity in on Wednesday!

  9. *wears jealousy like a mantle*

    Will sign up for gmail tonight and fire stuff off to you. When I have spare time I will re-write my bio/rep/etc. to suit the format I think would be best for webbage.

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