Tune In To CBC Radio 2 NOW!

Tune into CBC Radio Two at noon today (ie. RIGHT THIS MINUTE!) to listen to my friend Jim sing in the world premiere of ‘Frobisher’ a new opera from composer John Estacio and librettist John Murrell. Directed by Kelly Robinson at the Calgary Opera, it features an all-Canadian cast under conductor Jean-Marie Zeitouni.

**EDITED TO ADD** If you still want to listen, 12-1pm was just the “making of the opera” show, but the entire opera is being played from 1pm – 3:30pm, so you can tune in anytime before then (sampling of lyrics so far include: “I’m going to make tea!”, and “Don’t make a face, I promise I’ll grow on you. We’re going to blend like fine wine and old cheese” “Oh God, give me a break” “Only if you say please” – sometimes I wish all Canadian opera could just use our other official language, because things just sound better sung in French than in English)

7 thoughts on “Tune In To CBC Radio 2 NOW!

  1. It’s on till 3:30… they haven’t even really played any music yet, just babbling abou the process.

    The bits I’ve heard are good — Laura, as usual, is amazing.

  2. You haven’t missed it! The opera just started! 12-1pm was a “making of the opera” story. Turn it on!

  3. Well, now I’ve fucking missed it. I need to check LJ even more obsessively than I already do.

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