Japan: Fire Safety

Another reader request: Greenstuff asked me to post photos of Japanese fire hydrants.

I have no idea why he wants this, but I’m ever eager to please, so I present to you all, for Mr. Green’s satisfaction and edification, a variety of fire prevention images from Japan.

Taken in Shimo-suwa, Matsumoto and Kanazawa.

4 thoughts on “Japan: Fire Safety

  1. Everything is so clean – no garbage on the streets! I think the national emblem of Japan should be a broom. The fireman’s jacket look like something you would wear to a jiu jitsu lesson and thank you for the shot of the blossoms – so Zen! Look forward to my slideshow every morning. Stay safe. Much love, Mom…

  2. Oh oh oh! Nice photos of fire hydrants!

    Is this turning into a trans-national scavenger hunt? If so, can I put in another request? How about a library? I’m wondering how a Japanese library would be different than an English language library. Do they use the dewy decimal system? Inquiring minds want to know 😉

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