Tropical Fishtank Shawl

June 21: Nuts. Started this off with 5mm needle, but the yarn is just too thin and the fabric is too open. Finished all of chart 1 before I decided to take it off the needles and frog it back. Starting over with 4mm, hoping for a more dense shawl this time!

June 26: Boo! At 51 sts, about 1/3 of the way through second chart, and the shawl looks like rainbow vomit. Come on, Zauberball, show me your pretty self. 🙁

July 28: Finished. Wish I was more excited about this, but although the colours got cooler towards the end, it still looks like hell at the start. Bah. At least it blocked nicer than it looked on the needles.

Also, while the amazingly zig-zagend product looks awesome, the pattern was really boring for me. An easy no-brainer, but 143 rows of stockinette with a few picked up stitches to make chevrons is exceedingly dull after a while.

This 460 yard ball got me to row 133, with a stretchy bind off (knit 2, sl2 sts back to left needle, k through back loop, k1, repeat).

I should say that although I did not give the Zauberball a great rating due to my disappointment with the colour striping, the ball was very even, no breaks in the yarn, quite springy and soft, and blocked well. Good twist and in another colour I’d have loved it.

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