Welcome to December: Home of My Birthday

Apparently, it’s Monday. Huh.

People at Job1 keep asking me how my weekend was. And all I can think is, “There was a weekend? Did I miss it?”

Job2 was satisfying, but the time around it passed in kind of a blur. I know I spoke to my cousin Caius last night, and tried to get in touch with Keira. Spoke to Mum about coming home to see Dad tonight. And I watched Nightmare Before Christmas at some point.

Hoping for more flashbacks as the day progresses.

ps – Where are my fellow Sagittarius babies?!? Lisbeth and Belphoebe are due to go into labour ANY MINUTE NOW, and I want cute newborn photos.

One thought on “Welcome to December: Home of My Birthday

  1. aside from working until your head spins, what are you planning to do on the 19th for your birthday? because, um, i’ll be there. 🙂

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