Feminine Wiles

I am gearing up for the hunt. Those of you not on my “romance gossip” restricted list may remain blissfully ignorant of my quarry. But the game’s afoot.

On my way home from work, I got pedicured and manicured. I bought hair dye. Tomorrow there will be a lengthy session of Xtreme biXini waXing, and a totally uncalled-for haircut, thrown in for good measure. On with the red zipper undies. On with the push-up bra. There will be hourly reapplications of lip gloss, also.

I don’t want to come on too strong, so I’m stopping shy of gym attendance, whitening toothpaste and eyeliner application. Soon…

This is my favorite part. Before they realise anything is happening, when the monster truck of artificially-enhanced sex appeal is rolling down the highway towards them, gathering the force of unstoppable fury. I am evil. But at least I’m *sexy* evil.

6 thoughts on “Feminine Wiles

  1. I don’t know whether I’m intimidated or proud. 😉

    The red zipper undies seem…overwhelming.


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