Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

What could be better than ringing in the New Year with family? Watching one’s favorite cousins and their significant others smooch romantically on the beach at midnight, in the manner of a voyeuristic perv, tucked away under a palm tree while sucking back on a bottle of Moet and reading ‘Batgirl: Year One’ by the flickering light of exploding fireworks from Paradise Island?

Please don’t anybody answer that question. It’s purely rhetorical.

I know many of us are stranded on our own little islands of solitude without anyone to kiss when the clock strikes twelve. Some have lovers in other cities. Others are single and loving it, surrounded by delightful friends. Still others have chosen the pleasant stay-at-home-and-wallow-in-singlehood route. I dedicate this entry to each of you, with love. And a kiss! *smooch*

Tradition has it that on the three hundred and sixty fifth day of the old year, we reflect on what has passed, and start making plans and promises for the time to come.

I count myself fortunate to have been crazy in love this year; unrequited or not, nothing equals that rush. Lucky to have found a job that I am passionate about at the Snail, and all the people I work with there that I adore. Finally managed to connect properly with Chrissy, and am doubly blessed with the rich dowry of friends she brings along. Old friendships still protect me like hoops of steel. Kept a diary continuously for the first time in my life. Survived a very difficult time of transition for me and my parents. Mortgage grows smaller. Sketchbook grows fuller.

Optimistic, undaunted, I brace for my twenty-sixth year of life.

Happy New Year, LJ readers!

9 thoughts on “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

  1. The coming year will be a fantabulous one for you, I’m sure of it! Enjoy your time with your family tonight and for the rest of your vacation.
    I’m going to be in the single-and-loving-it group, surrounded by delightful friends this evening.

  2. Please don’t anybody answer that question. It’s purely rhetorical.

    But I really wanted to!

    You also forgot those friends who elected to spend their New Year sitting with a group of overweight 40-something guys, staring at MVS system messages and drinking cola! I deserve representation too!

    Very best wishes for your 26th year of life though o-British twin mine. Happy New Year. 🙂

  3. You could be in Toronto, observing my ever-deepening progression into Billy Idol likeness, sans leather vest and cocaine, drinking 14-yo Oban…. but NO! You had to travel to Jamiaca Easter Island, Mexico. *shakes head* I will just have to travel back to this damn windy city. Anyway, Happy over the Quarter Century Hump, smoke a cigarette for me on behalf of all those happy-loving coupled relatives of yours. *big cheesy grin*!


  4. Curse my remarkably basic yet unwaveringly strict standards for men!

    I’m sorry to inform you, brilliant and handsome Caellum, but you’ve been stricken from the potential future husband list for your last comment on that post. All future marriage prospects must be nicotine-addiction free. Sorry, no exceptions. 🙁

    I will now go to the beach, to weep salty tears into the salty sea in mourning for our love that might have been. *sob*

    ps – Bet you look *great* as a blonde. Go for the leather vest, but steer clear of cocaine; scotch tastes better, and smells sexy, too. Also, not nearly as illegal or expensive.

    pps – Despite your despicable love of cigarettes, you are most welcome to return to my city anytime. I’ll still take you out on the town, I’ll just drive you away and make faces at you whenever you feel the need to light up. That’s what we do with Melly and Petar, anyway. 😉

  5. I was using an expression, but I don’t actually smoke. Ask Chrissy, ask any Torontoan, or Denverite, or any acquaintance. This is just an unhappy misunderstanding. I do really like martinis and Scotch though. Only single malt Scotchs, I hope you understand my disdain for blended malts.


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