Sei Shonagon Says…

Things that are good:
– Getting drunk on a celebratory bottle of cheap champagne while eating corn chips in a beanbag chair and watching Futurama
– Justin
– Manicure/pedicure combos
– Vacation
– Having a new position that pays decently and not having to wake up at 5am to go in to work every day from Weston
– Phonecalls to catch up on what’s doing with , my beautiful and lovely best friend
– Meeting Dale Grant by accident at the Summerhill subway platform and riding with him to Union (he says happy birthday,
– Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’
– Thinking to yourself “I am going to wake up early and make breakfast for my boyfriend before he goes to work tomorrow”
– Waffles

Things that are less good:
– Bathrooms with no futher renovation, despite months of pending completion and a plumber who promised he would come by today
– Messy rooms which need cleaning during one’s vacation
– Debt
– Visiting unannounced and forcing her to entertain when all she really wants to do is clean
– Smudged nail polish on toes that have been forced into shoes before they are dry
– Badly run, bourgeois contests that scorn the proletariat and are rigged for rich people to win, run by the government liquor board
– Weighing 144lbs
– Aloe plants that grow sickly looking during their long journey home from the office
– The prospect of renting a car in Victoria on Thanksgiving weekend in order to drive it 300 miles to Kelowna
– Repeatedly wishing one had let oneself become a librarian

2 thoughts on “Sei Shonagon Says…

  1. Though I do still sell comics, I’d be doing it very much alone.

    And sad.

    And up late.

    …like right now… except that I’m not alone

    just up late.

  2. Visiting themusesbitch unannounced and forcing her to entertain when all she really wants to do is clean

    That was entertaining? I thought it was mostly staring, all blank-eyed and exhasuted, whilst shuffling newspapers and letting you find condos and jobs for me on my computer.

    Seriously, though – no problem at all. I was just too tired to be anything resembling The Fun.

    And now I know why. Apparently I was in the early stages of The Plague.

    My apologies, but you were probably exposed during the highly-contagious just-pre-symptoms stage. 🙁

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