Well, I think that was an excellent first day at home.

I finally finished the last few episodes of Futurama Season 3 this morning, so I can now choose to crack into season 4 or go all the way back and start fresh with the as-yet-unviewed seasons 1&2. Got a call circa noon from where he assured me he wouldn’t be X-ing me off his friend list and also had no intention of hunting me down with a knife for my negligent birthday behaviour. Very relieved on both fronts.

Watched episode 4 of Stargate: Atlantis with once he got home. They sure do like sending Rainbow to the medical ward as often as possible. At least he gets to consistently be “hero guy”. I actually very much enjoyed episode 4; it was another in the vein of episode 3 where there’s a nice, tidy little story that wraps up neatly within 56 minutes. Good pacing. I think I’m still suffering some lingering panic from episode 1/2, where we met the Raith (sp?) and learned about the vulnerability of Atlantis and the Ancients. Seriously, those are some scary bad guys, with some impressive recuperative/destructive powers. I like them not. Paranoia is leading me to believe that the show is just lulling its viewers into a false sense of security by mimicing the less-claustrophobic, less-armageddon-is-nigh formula of Star Trek. They even made a little “Klingon” joke in this episode, to lighten a tense moment during the conflict.

Other than worshipping the glowing box, I actually spent the entire day cleaning and re-organizing the house. All garage-sale fodder to the basement. All books and art supplies to the library room. All clothing in big heaped piles on the floor of the living room. Apparently my clean-clothes phobia has failed to dissipate, even in the soothing environment that is in-house laundry. I gave the kitchen a severe scrub, attacking the dishes and countertop, but failing to make it all the way to the floor, which remains filthy. The basement needs vacuuming, but otherwise all surfaces are clean, Justin dusted the bar to make it all sparkly, and none of my random crap is lying around, which has been a problem lately.

The big goal for tomorrow is getting the living room and library room not just “sorted” but “orderly”, preferably with clean surface areas and well-arranged cupboard/shelf spaces. Maybe try to read ‘Vile Bodies’ by Evelyn Waugh as well. Roommate Andrew inspired me today by carving and baking some graf letters out of fimo, and now I’m all keen to get artsy and craftsy.

Upcoming work on the house: 1) fix wiring to basement reading lights over and beside sofa, 2) completely replace hideous fluorescent overhead light in kitchen so that we no longer have to cook dinner by the light of a solitary desk lamp set up awkwardly on the dining table, 3) look for new window dressings (blinds? sheers?) for small basement windows in furnace room and living room window. All these windows overlook the park, and are just a little too public for my taste. Plus, I can’t deal with the “it’s wide open or it’s shuttered tight” aesthetic anywhere other than the basement, where it seems to suit the general wainscotting atmosphere.

Enough about the house. Off to sleep I go!

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